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Blancco Management Console

Blancco Management Console is designed to help manage IT asset disposal processes, including erasure software distribution, hardware asset management, and erasure reporting for auditing purposes.

Time and money saved through increased productivity

Blancco Management Console increases productivity through streamlining your IT asset disposal processes. Blancco’s extensive automation capabilities cover all stages of erasure management, from booting, to sending the report to the database, to generating a certification of completion, to computer shutdown.

Value of assets maximized through remarketing

When it comes to upgrading your used computers and other IT equipment, remarketing solutions can add significant value to your used assets. Blancco Management Console helps you keep track of the lifecycle of all your electronic devices, such as full hardware and software details, including over 250 hardware items and elements. This new generation of Management Console fulfills a corporation’s IT asset disposal needs without compromising the benefits offered to IT asset disposal and recycling companies.

Peace of mind through enhanced security

Following a Blancco erasure, data recovery is not possible with any existing technology. In addition to the erasure process, Blancco Management Console stores comprehensive reports to prove successful erasure. These digitally-signed and tamper-proof reports are an essential part of regulatory, compliance and legal auditing requirements. They provide critical information for the auditing process.

Easy-to-use lifecycle management

Blancco Management Console is an extremely user-friendly tool to assist your asset lifecycle processes. In addition, this solution can be easily integrated with your own asset database. It provides comprehensive data erasure reports and statistics that can be archived for management reports and auditing purposes.

Contact: Please contact your local Blancco sales representative for further product information and delivery details.


  • Web service interfaces (API) for seamless integration with existing AMS/ERP systems
  • Complete online management of the data erasure process
  • Remote erasure control (including status monitoring)
  • Full automation requiring minimum user interaction
  • Built-in role management and unlimited user hierarchy


  • Comprehensive data erasure reports and statistics
  • Full hardware and software details recorded (including over 250 hardware specifics)
  • Easy report importing, exporting, emailing and validating
  • Reports available in CSV, PDF and XML formats
  • Fast and user friendly report searching
  • Add user-created reports for nonfunctioning assets


  • Compliant (legal) erasure evidence
  • Comprehensive asset and chain of custody tracking
  • Full transparency of the erasure process


  • Extensive database support
  • Easy user management, also including support for Active Directory
  • Customizable user rights
  • Assignment of functional groups (operation manager, operator, auditor, etc)
  • Built-in erasure license management


  • English, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish
  • Support in other languages will be available soon. Please ask your Blancco sales representative for details.


  • Dual Core processor or better
  • 2-4 Gb RAM or better
  • Network Interface Card
  • Display
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Free USB port
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0 or greater (OS independent)

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