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Management Console

Blancco Management Console is a complete centralized database solution. It is designed to handle IT asset disposal processes, including data sanitization software distribution, hardware IT asset management and erasure reporting for auditing purposes.

Centralized process management

  • Complete online management of the data erasure process
  • Remote erasure control, including status monitoring
  • Full automation requiring minimum user effort
  • Built-in role management and unlimited user hierarchy
  • Easy-to-use lifecycle management


  • Comprehensive data erasure reports and statistics
  • Database options available locally (via SQL) or through the cloud
  • Full hardware and software details recorded, including over 250 hardware specifics
  • Easy report importing, exporting, emailing and validating in PDF, CSV and XML formats


  • Complete chain of custody tracking
  • Full transparency of the erasure process
  • Record management of IT asset disposal-related material
  • Comprehensive asset tracking

Access control and user management

  • Easy user authorization and authentication (internal/LDAP)
  • Customizable user roles
  • Assignment of functional groups (administrator, engineer, auditor, etc.)
  • Built-in erasure license management

Integration tools

  • Web service interfaces for seamless integration with existing systems
  • Smooth integration with asset management and ERP suites

Technical specifications:

  • Compatibility with both Windows and Linux platforms, developed with Java (Java Enterprise)
  • Easy installation wizard for all platforms
  • Extensive database support for most popular DBMS (mssql, mysql, oracle & postgresql) and built-in database
  • Webserver included in the installation
  • No additional software required, except Java Runtime Environment
  • Ability to store users in the database or utilize existing user directory systems like LDAP or Active Directory for user authentication
  • HASP key for secure operation

Language support:

  • French
  • German
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Finnish

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