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Revolutionary, new SSD erasure method

Blancco, the global market leader, introduces our multifaceted, patent-pending method to sanitize SSDs offering top-of-the line security. Our revolutionary, new method will automate your organization’s SSD erasure process to save time and money.

Unlike its magnetic Hard Disk Drive (HDD) counterpart, the Solid State Drive (SSD) stores data electrically. An SSD flash controller contains advanced software modules that are hidden from the view of the operating system and the user. Therefore, the erasure of an SSD can be a challenging process.

Freeze lock removal - the key to erasure

Blancco software now fully automates the removal of freeze locks, providing access to the key security features of an SSD. Now your organization can take full advantage of this knowledge and expertise.

Third party testing

Stellar Data Recovery, an independent third party with access to its own recovery tool and state-of-the-art recovery technologies, has tested and verified Blancco’s erasure solution. This included testing utilizing the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance’s (ADISA) test methodology for SSD erasure. Such unbiased testing ensures the effectiveness of our solution giving you peace of mind.

Watch ADISA’s statement on Blancco’s SSD erasure

Secure SSD erasure at your disposal

Contact us to learn how your organization can employ our secure SSD erasure method. Benefit from this latest technological breakthrough today!

The most certified data erasure solution on the market.