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Over ten years of industry knowledge

Over ten years of industry knowledge

Blancco is the market leader worldwide for computer refurbishing and recycling solutions. For over ten years, Blancco has provided process improvement solutions for ITADs across the globe who rely on us for processing tens of thousands of IT assets each day. Blancco is the most trusted name within the ITAD industry.

Process improvement

Blancco has improved the efficiency of hundreds of recycling, refurbishing and remarketing centers worldwide. From well-recognized industry leaders such as SIMS to the lesser-known one-man operations, ITADs trust Blancco as an essential part of their internal processes. Blancco solutions guarantee higher production output and cost savings.

What Blancco offers

  • Trusted, globally-recognized brand offering peace of mind.
  • Nationally and internationally certified tools.
  • Cost and time-saving efficiency - more output with less staff.
  • Automated process for data sanitization, asset management and reporting.
  • Complete reuse management and process improvement products.

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