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Fault Diagnostics

SmartChk Fault Diagnostics solutions, developed by Xcaliber Technologies, a business unit of Blancco Technology Group, perform up to 52 automated tests to find the source of errors on all mobile device types and models running on iOS and Android platforms. 

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SmartDEPOT, by Xcaliber Technologies, a division of Blancco Technology Group, is a detachable portal that enables repair centers and distribution warehouses to improve long-term mobile functionality and maximize resale value of devices.

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Program Enablement

Program Enablement, developed by Xcaliber Technologies, a business unit of Blancco Technology Group, allows mobile carriers and OEMs to collect information about devices, such as general instances and frequency of issues, common sources of faults, incidence rates of ‘no fault found’ returns and savings recouped through streamlined customer service and repair experiences. 

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