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Running on iOS and Android operating systems, optimize the functionality of mobile devices and erase mobile data from up to 50 devices simultaneously. Dispose, reuse and resell mobile devices with absolute peace of mind.

Maximize device performance and resale value
  • Identify the source of device errors quickly and fix them effectively
  • Restore devices to original factory settings
  • Erase all sensitive data securely and responsibly 
  • Increase resale value of devices
Guarantee regulatory compliance
  • Perform due diligence on necessary data erasure requirements
  • Report on best practices among internal and external stakeholders 
  • Verify proof of compliance among national and international regulatory agencies, including ISO 27001 and ISO 27040
  • Produce a 100% certified and tamper-proof audit trail
Automate and streamline efficiencies
  • Erase sensitive data from up to 50 mobile devices, quickly and simultaneously
  • Bundle with Blancco Flash to securely erase external SD cards
  • Use one solution for mobile devices on all operating systems 
  • Mitigate risks of data leaks

Key features

Flexibility to erase up to 50 devices simultaneously

Integrates with Blancco Flash to erase external SD cards

Equipped to support iOS and Android operating systems

100% certified, tamper-proof reporting