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Certified Data Erasure

Blancco is the proven data erasure solution for millions of users around the world. As the pioneer and global leader in data sanitization and end-of-lifecycle solutions, the company offers the most certified data erasure within the industry.


Secure erasure

Blancco permanently removes data from IT assets such as PCs, servers, data center equipment and smartphones. Data erased by Blancco cannot be recovered with any existing technology.

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Detailed reporting

A detailed report is proof of successful data erasure. Blancco’s tamper-proof and verifiable reporting is an essential part of compliance, regulatory and legal auditing requirements.

Erasure report

Auditable process

A comprehensive audit trail is a critical requirement for compliance with IT security standards such as ISO27001, ISO15408, PCI and FISMA.

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Benefits of using Blancco


Most certified erasure solutions

Blancco provides the most certified products on the market, having acquired third party approvals, certifications and recommendations from over 10 national and international authorities, including NATO and TUV.

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Erasure tools for every need

Blancco offers a full portfolio of solutions for all your data erasure needs. Blancco’s wide range of products erase everything from tiny flash media cards to high end data centers.


Process improvement

Blancco’s efficient, fully automated erasure process saves you time, money and resources. Blancco specializes in improving the data erasure process and end-of-lifecycle management of IT assets.

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Smooth integration

To enhance reporting and auditing processes, Blancco products are designed to integrate seamlessly with IT asset lifecycle processes and tools such as asset management suites.

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In the Spotlight

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