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100% Secure Erasure

Blancco guarantees 100% data sanitization of all your IT assets, such as servers, PCs, HDDs, smartphones, flash drives and more. Blancco’s data erasure solutions are completely secure. Once erased, the data cannot be recovered with any existing technology.

Erase Report Audit

Blancco’s Erase-Report-Audit (ERA) process

Erasure of your data is important, but proof of the erasure is even more critical. Blancco’s unique and complete Erase-Report-Audit (ERA) process generates a detailed report at the end of the erasure process. With it, you can confidently conduct a complete audit of the erasure.

Full Erasure

Reports verify successful erasure

No erasure is secure if it does not offer proof of successful execution as required by regulations. Blancco’s detailed audit reports meet – and even exceed – all compliance and regulatory requirements for data erasure.

Internationally certified erasure standards

Blancco supports the widest range of international overwriting standards, including:

Extensive hardware support

Blancco software has been developed in close partnership with the world’s leading hardware and software OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). We offer extensive hardware support – from servers and mainframes to laptops and smartphones – to further enhance the data erasure process. To help customers avoid problems in the data erasure process, our dedicated team of Blancco technical specialists is available for assistance.

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Frontpage advert Public Sector - Jun 14 2011 Municipality of Hague By utilizing the Blancco Kit, the Municipality was able to build a secure erasure process. Frontpage advert Public Sector - Sep 12 2011 County of Santa Barbara County of Santa Barbara uses Tool Kit for their erasure solution.