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If you answered yes to the previous questions, then Blancco may be a good fit for you. We invite you to apply for any open positions that you feel you are qualified for.

Who we are: Blancco is the global leader in data erasure and computer reuse solutions. We offer the most certified data erasure solutions in the industry.

Where we are: Headquartered in Joensuu, Finland we have 17 global offices in 15 different countries across Europe, North America, the Middle East, Russia, Asia and Australasia.

When we began: Blancco was founded in 1997 in Joensuu, Finland and has grown into a multinational company.

Our employees come from diverse cultural backgrounds and have a background and/or interest in technology. We are enthusiastic to work in a global environment with people from all over the world. But we feel the most important thing is attitude: we believe in accomplishing work than can make a difference—to ourselves, the company and our customers—the basis of our business. We value open and honest communication at Blancco. We also believe in a flexible work environment that can adapt to the changing needs of the market and new technology.

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