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Erase loose hard drives

Erase loose hard drives

Photocopiers, network equipment and entertainment devices contain hard drives that cannot be erased within enclosures. Also, organizations, including ITADs and data centers, often accumulate hard drives from computers and storage systems over a period of years.

Blancco provides combined hardware and software solutions for loose hard drive erasure. Our solutions range from portable erasure kits up to high volume erasure systems. We can reliably sanitize any type of loose hard drive (such as ATA, SCSI and FC).

Complete solution package

  • Permanent sanitization of any type of loose hard drive
  • Tailored hardware for efficient erasure
  • Variable, scalable hardware/software options

Efficient process

  • Maximized data erasure speed with dedicated hardware
  • Simultaneous erasure of multiple loose hard drives
  • World-class reporting with comprehensive details