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Secure erasure of desktops & laptops

Secure erasure of desktops & laptops

For most organizations, desktop and laptop erasure is the biggest data erasure need. Blancco provides automated tools for volume erasure of desktops and laptops. Erasure can be performed either locally or remotely.

In Windows environments, the erasure client can be pushed to target computers with the MSI package. Remote erasure eliminates the need for manual interaction, saving time, money and resources. With Blancco solutions, thousands of networked computers can be erased simultaneously. Reports from the erased computers are automatically sent to the central database.

Examples of use:

  • End-of-lifecycle
    When removing computers from use, it is essential that all data is erased permanently.
  • Reuse or remarketing
    In order to eliminate data leaks when a computer changes user, safe data removal is a legislative and regulatory requirement.
  • Returning computers to IT leasing company or service provider
    In order to mitigate risk, it is essential to sanitize data before computers are shipped to a leasing company or service provider.

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