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Secure erasure of servers

Secure erasure of servers

Servers contain an organization’s most sensitive and valuable information. It is therefore critical for any organization planning to reuse or remarket their servers to prevent data leaks during this process. Removing data securely from servers can be a difficult task without appropriate tools. Blancco provides automated tools for complex server erasure, such as wiping data center equipment, enclosures and other large storage units.

Blancco’s solutions enable successful server erasure within any location, whether at one site or at many sites. Delivery options include Blancco Management Console, MSI, Network PXE, CD and USB. Erasure can be performed either locally or remotely.

Examples of use:

  • End-of-lifecycle
    When recycling servers or removing them from use, it is essential that all data is erased permanently. Due to risks associated with chain of custody, data erasure must occur before a server leaves the premises.
  • Reuse or remarketing
    Safe data removal from servers helps eliminate data leaks and is a legislative and regulatory requirement. You can safely reuse or recycle your servers, but not your data.
  • Returning servers to an IT leasing company or service provider
    In order to mitigate risk, it is essential to sanitize data before servers are shipped to a leasing company or service provider.

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