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Blancco safely sanitizes logical drives

Blancco safely sanitizes logical drives

Blancco LUN offers data centers secure, cost-effective options for reusing enterprise storage system configurations. There is no need to rebuild them or destroy hard drives. With Blancco LUN, administrators can centrally erase logical drives like LUNs in an active storage environment. The process is managed remotely and supports simultaneous shredding of multiple units.

Examples of use:

  • PCI DSS compliance
    Payment card information should not be stored more than five years under PCI DSS requirements. This indicates that data centers need an erasure product that can target specific LUN data on a time or event basis.
  • Disaster recovery test
    After a disaster recovery test, multiple copies of LUN data exist and must be erased for security reasons.
  • End-of-hosting subscription
    Erasure is necessary for LUN reuse in a hosted environment when a current customer leaves and a new user is assigned to an existing LUN.

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