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File Shredder PC Edition

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Deleting files with Windows commands does not actually remove the data. Blancco File Shredder permanently erases data and files from desktops and laptops while they are active. The user-friendly Blancco File Shredder makes day-to-day data shredding easy. It is ideal for permanently erasing documents in programs such as Excel, Word and PDF.

Permanent erasure

  • Enables permanent removal of files or folders.
  • Supports all global data erasure standards.

Fast and easy erasure

  • Integrates with Windows Explorer – simply right click to erase.
  • Allows use of Windows Task Scheduler for creating automatic shredding tasks.
  • Erases selected files (including previous versions), free disk space, temporary files and the recycle bin.

Legislation and industry compliance

  • Meets and exceeds all recognized international standards and requirements.
  • Allows organizations to comply with new legislation and regulations demanding secure removal of customer-related data.


  • Easy installation on desktops and laptops
  • Remote installation and deployment available through MSI package
  • Central configuration of clients through group policy files
  • Fast erasure of files, folders, temporary files and free space, with marked files overwritten a select number of times
  • Simple selection of files for shredding with right click or browse functionality
  • Instant shredding of files via drag and drop from desktop to Blancco File Shredder
  • Overwrite of remaining old files using “shred free space wizard” to shred recycle bin and all temporary files
  • Certified for use with Windows 7, Vista and XP


  • Detailed reports for easy viewing and XML files for centralized reporting


  • Full integration with Blancco Management Console 2 for detailed auditing and control to ensure full compliance

Language support:

  • French
  • German
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Swedish

Supported platforms:

  • Windows 7, Vista and XP. 32 and 64 bit platforms

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Play Solution Video Play this video to see Blancco's solution for shredding files and folders. See File Shredder in action See the basic shredding process performed by File Shredder PC Edition. File Shredder Product Sheet Printable File Shredder Product Sheet. File Shredder Solution Sheet Printable File Shredder Solution Sheet.