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Selective data erasure of files and folders

Selective data erasure of files and folders

When erasure of all data on computers and laptops is not required, sanitization of individual files and folders is another option. Targeted data destruction is ideal for removing confidential data such as credit card details, confidential customer information and internal office documents.

Blancco provides a full suite of solutions for selective data erasure, making day-to-day data shredding easy. These include scheduled data destruction of information on local or remote servers and computers, as well as erasure of any selected file available on the system.

Examples of use:

  • Selective erasure on single computers
    Targeted files, folders, free disc space and the recycle bin can be data wiped as and when required. User options include erasure of sensitive, out-of-date documents as well as selected file types such as PDFs.
  • Targeted data erasure on network servers
    Administrators may use Windows Task Scheduler to create automatic shredding tasks, such as secure destruction of PCI DSS data for out-of-date information. In addition, free space on servers can be regularly shredded to prevent data leaks.

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