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Data Center Solutions

Data Center Solutions

Data centers contain massive amounts of customer data and are complex hardware environments with equally complex data erasure needs. Blancco certified data erasure can meet your data center requirements with automated data removal for a variety of scenarios, from targeted erasure of files for PCI DSS purposes to removal of data from logical units, servers, loose drives and storage arrays.

Blancco erases all information and provides auditable proof of data removal at vulnerable hardware transition points. Our certified data erasure offers your data center the ability to:

  • Create a secure and cost-effective cloud computing environment with sound data erasure processes.
  • Ensure compliance and attract customers in regulated industries like retail, healthcare and finance.
  • Answer demands for sustainable data center operations through equipment reuse.
  • Develop additional revenue streams with safe remarketing of equipment.
  • Maximize use of assets internally through secure reassignment of hardware.
  • Respond to consolidation requirements with safe equipment transition processes.


Total Erasure

Total erasure of data on servers, individual drives and physical storage systems allows secure disposal, reuse or resale of these valuable IT assets. Blancco’s data erasure solutions offer protection against data leaks at transition points in your hardware’s chain of custody and use, automate the process and provide auditable erasure reports as proof of compliance.


    Disk Erasure

    Disk level erasure is necessary for sanitizing hard disks outside the original host, as with loose drives from SAN servers. Many of these are RMA drives that need erasure before returning to the OEM under warranty. Blancco 5 for Servers enables you to erase multiple disks simultaneously for the maximum process efficiency.


    Server Erasure

    Full server erasure involves erasing all internal connected drives. Server level erasure can be performed either locally or remotely. Blancco 5 for Servers is an automated and centrally managed erasure solution allowing you to erase data securely from servers and storage environments.

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Live Environment Erasure

Live environment erasure is necessary when data itself has expired on active systems, as when it ends up in the wrong storage location, migrates from one system to another, exists as an unnecessary duplicate, or requires removal due to certain regulatory requirements. Blancco’s data erasure solutions can target specific files, folders, logical drives or storage configurations, and Virtual Machines across your network for centralized, automated and internally-specified erasure and provide auditable erasure reports for compliance purposes.


    File Erasure

    Data centers with high availability requirements save multiple copies of the same data file for redundancy purposes. Because standards like PCI DSS require deletion of file-level data at specific intervals, administrators need a centralized way to remotely execute erasure of targeted or duplicate files and folders on servers and in storage areas across the network. With Blancco File you can safely shred selected or targeted files and folders on PCs, servers and Virtual Machines.

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    LUN Erasure

    In today’s cloud computing environment, data centers need secure, cost-effective options for reusing virtual storage system configurations without rebuilding them. To safely achieve this, administrators need a centralized tool that can erase logical drives like LUNs in an active storage environment where the storage array cannot be taken offline. Blancco LUN erases individual drives, as well as logical drives (such as LUNs), in an active storage environment. After erasure, the LUNs are immediately reusable again.

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    Erasure in Virtualized Environments

    As data migrates and multiplies, data erasure is needed in active virtualization environments like VMware, Citrix XenServer, and Microsoft Hyper-V. Blancco vCloud Eraser can overwrite this data without impacting operations, data center productivity or other customer data and activities. Our software can erase Virtual Machines in a live environment without interrupting other Virtual Machines or activities on the physical host.

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