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Erase flash media

Erase flash media

Flash media storage nowadays is integrated with most IT assets. It can be found within equipment such as smartphones, tablets, network routers and cameras. Erasing sensitive information from these can be time consuming and difficult. Inbuilt solutions are rarely provided for the secure removal of data from flash media.

Blancco provides a complete portfolio of tools for the erasure of various solid-state removable storage media. Data stored on USB thumb drives, Secure Digital (SD) memory cards and smartphone flash storage can be digitally shredded and a full audit trail provided for reporting and auditing purposes.

Complete solution package

  • Enables permanent sanitization of any type of flash media
  • Tailored algorithms for flash erasure
  • Supports recognized international erasure standards

Fast and simple erasure process

  • Simple to install and extremely user friendly
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Capable of simultaneously erasing multiple devices
  • Full detailed reporting

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