Cloud Migration with Blancco via AWS

Together, Blancco and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are uniquely positioned to help support cloud migration. As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Blancco offers data sanitization capabilities direct to AWS enterprise customers worldwide, as well as via AWS partners supporting cloud migrations.

Speed. Efficiency. Compliance.

With Blancco’s secure data erasure suite, AWS enterprise customers and partners can speed up the AWS migration process, enhance end-of-life data management, and provide a verifiable audit trail to comply with the growing number of data protection regulations and standards, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, GBLA, EU GDPR, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53 and NIST 800-88.

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Seamless Procurement

Additionally, Blancco’s Drive Eraser solution is available through the AWS Marketplace to enable AWS Marketplace customers to benefit from consolidated billing and frictionless procurement through their AWS account, taking advantage of spending commitments made through the AWS Enterprise Discount Program.

CPPO Capabilities

The Consulting Partner Private Offer (CPPO) module also promotes channel engagement, allowing for negotiation of private pricing, end-user license terms and payment schedules before purchasing or subscribing to Blancco’s software.

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Blancco Drive Eraser

Watch the video to learn how Blancco Drive Eraser permanently sanitizes data on HDDs and SSDs in servers, laptops, desktops and more.



Introducing Blancco Drive Eraser – the industry’s most certified data erasure software for permanent data sanitization. Blancco Drive Eraser allows organizations of all sizes to safely resell, repurpose or dispose of drives when they’ve reached end-of-life to meet security, compliance and CSR purposes.

Blancco Drive Eraser supports a wide variety of drive types, including SATA, SCSI, SAS, USB and NVME,including self-encrypting drives. And we support the most global erasure standards, including NIST Purge & Clear and patented SSD erasure that meets and exceeds these requirements.

So how does it work? Blancco Drive Eraser goes beyond traditional wiping methods by overwriting every sector of the drive—leaving nothing behind. The process includes:

  • Freeze Lock Removal
  • Internal drive Commands (for Firmware-based erasure)
  • Identifying bad & remapped sectors
  • Hidden areas such as HPA and DCO
  • Drive partitions (such as MBR, GPT)
  • Our proprietary erasure sequence
  • And erasure verification, which identifies malfunctions and performed processes

After the erasure is complete, a signed, tamper-proof Certificate of Erasure is supplied for every erasure, including drive-level reports for server arrays. Certificates can be saved in PDF or XML format and stored in the Blancco Management Console – onsite or in the Cloud.

Additionally, Blancco Drive Eraser software provides key asset diagnostics and profiling. This includes:

  • Complete detection of all hardware components
  • Extensive hardware diagnostics capabilities (including more than 12 diagnostic tests)
  • Easy identification of rack-mounted drives
  • And SMART attributes and self-tests

Blancco Drive Eraser offers more deployment options than any other erasure software on the market. Options include (but are not limited to):

  • CD/DVD
  • USB/li>
  • PXE
  • iLO
  • iDRAC
  • Cisco UCS
  • Intel AMT
  • preinstall (Windows, Linux)

When you’re ready to deploy, Blancco Drive Eraser allows for the full customization of ISO files to meet your organization’s unique security settings, goals and requirements. You can even customize and save a master software image file that can be distributed to multiple sites across the globe, allowing you to streamline data erasure regardless of operating system or manufacturer. And, you can leverage Blancco’s Two-Way Communication technology to easily integrate with your WMS, AMS or other existing systems for additional flexibility and automated process flow.

After the process is initiated, organizations can choose from automatic, semi-automatic and manual options for erasure. As part of this process, you can erase from 1 to thousands of assets simultaneously, then automatically send erasure reports to the cloud or on-premise Blancco Management Console to streamline erasure and reporting across all your locations.

To learn more about how Blancco Drive Eraser can help your business enhance security & efficiency, contact us for a free trial today.


Erase servers simultaneously with remote erasure


Support for most server platforms


Erasure standards (incl NIST 800-88)

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