Bernard Le Gargean

Product Manager, Blancco Eraser
bernard le gargean

Bernard Le Gargean is the Product Manager of Blancco Drive Eraser, the Blancco solution to erase and diagnose laptops, desktops and servers. In this role, he understands customers’ needs and technology trends in order to translate them into product implementations. He defines the product roadmap, the features priority and steers their development. He’s a data erasure expert that can help customers to improve their processes, increase their yield and maintain their satisfaction.

How Many Times Must You Overwrite a Hard Disk for Complete Data Erasure?

The safest and most cost-effective way to make data disappear without having to destroy a hard disk drive (HDD) is to simply overwrite it. But how many overwriting passes are sufficient? Or, as some put it, how many times do you write ones, zeroes, or other junk data to a hard drive before it is completely wiped? It may be fewer than you think. … Read More

How to Process Loose Drives: Identification, Erasure and Reporting

Targets for data erasure have traditionally been PCs, servers, workstations and laptops. Today, those targets are expanding to include loose drives, i.e. data storage drives that need to be handled outside their original computers or peripherals, no longer as components, but as individual entities. The two examples below illustrate two instances in which you must process loose drives to achieve data security best practices. Drives Inside Printers You can find … Read More

How to Securely Erase Different SSDs: NVMe, PCIe and More
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managing and automating data erasure for mobile devices
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Managing and Automating Data Erasure for Mobile Devices
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