Fredrik Forslund

Vice President, Cloud and Data Center Erasure Solutions

As Vice President of Cloud and Data Center Erasure, Fredrik brings over 15 years of experience in IT security and previously founded SafeIT, a security software company focusing on encryption and selective data erasure. With a keen eye for streamlining corporate IT security efficiencies and maintaining compliance with data privacy legislation, he is regarded as a thought leader among customers and partners.

3 GDPR Building Blocks: Ready, Set, Compliance!

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going into effect at the end of May this year, organizations are rushing to understand what they need to comply (and prove that compliance). A recent webinar with Blancco, 3 Step IT and D8amatiks covered this topic from a range of different angles (GDPR building blocks) to help prepare attendees for whatever might come their way. Topics covered include: How to know what … Read More

Are Onsite Data Centers or Cloud Storage the Best Way to Protect Data?

You may have heard of millennials “killing things,” from napkins to chain restaurants, but did you know that onsite (on-premises) data centers could also be meeting their doom in the near future? Even though 65 percent of enterprise workloads were running in owned or onsite data centers in 2017, and the fact that this number hasn’t changed much from 2014, tech experts and analysts expect 2018 will be the year … Read More

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