Liz Adams

Global Marketing Director
Liz Adams

Liz has been with Blancco since August 2009. As Global Marketing Director, she oversees the company’s marketing, communications and event strategies, leading Blancco’s intercontinental marketing team to support overall business growth goals and sales objectives.

The State of Mobile Device Performance and Health: Q4 2015

Mobile is a way of life. That isn’t hyperbole; it’s a fact and the stats prove it. In 2015, worldwide smartphone shipments hit record levels, surpassing 1.4 billion for the year – up 10.1 percent from the 1.3 billion units shipped in 2014, according to IDC. But as valuable as these devices are, performance issues and failures pose roadblocks and cause a multitude of problems – for device manufacturers looking … Read More

The Big Business of Big Data—How to Maximize Customer Service Without Compromising Privacy

In a recent article in, JetBlue CIO, Eash Sundaram, talked about just how critical technology is to the brand’s reputation and its ability to attract new flyers and retain loyal customers. “We think of ourselves as a customer service company that happens to fly planes. So when you think of the customer service aspect of JetBlue, it’s all about personalization and how we take care of customer needs. Technology … Read More

Customer Success Story: Cloud Magna Uses Erasure To Protect Federal & Customer Data

Read the success story of one of our customers in Mexico – Cloud Magna. Before 2010, the cloud provider’s methods for protecting its corporate and customer data were predominantly handled through the use of security software specifically designed for malware, encryption and anti-virus protection. But all of this changed when the government tightened its grip on data protection and the aforementioned data privacy laws came into effect. … Read More

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