Rohan Bapat

Director of Product Management, Blancco Diagnostics

Rohan Bapat is the Senior Director of Product Management. In this role, he determines customers' product needs, guides product improvements and assesses market competition. He's regarded as a mobile diagnostics expert and often provides valuable tips on how businesses, mobile carriers and OEMs can optimize device performance to reduce NTF returns, increase productivity and boost customer loyalty.

Is Your Business’ BYOD Policy Posing a Security Threat?

In today’s age of flexible working, virtual offices and the thoroughly modern business, the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) policy is becoming increasingly popular. This means employees are expected to use their own personal devices – such as mobile phones and laptops – to carry out their workplace duties. For many organizations, implementing a BYOD policy is cost-effective, as it cuts the expense of purchasing devices for all employees, a … Read More

Why Smartphone Erasure is Essential for the Mobile Reseller Market

With the price of new smartphones reaching fever-pitch, many consumers are turning to used devices to address their needs. In fact, the second-hand mobile market is projected to be worth circa $30 billion by 2020, according to IDC. For warehouses and enterprises dealing with the sanitization and onward sale of unwanted devices for resale, security and efficiency of processing are two core pain points; mobile device erasure is essential. But … Read More

Empower More Upsells with Mobile Device Heath Checks

Most organizations would agree that acquiring new customers is more expensive than increasing revenues for existing customers. For your wireless organization’s profits to grow, you must maximize the value customers receive from their smartphones and tablets through accessory upsells. According to Future Market Insights, the mobile phone accessories market is expected to reach $121.72 billion by 2025. Are you leaving money behind? There are many ways you can empower your … Read More

Apps Keep Crashing? 3 Diagnostics Secrets Every Carrier & OEM Should Know

Apps – there’s one for virtually everything, and users around the world download and use so many of them in a single day. In Europe, for example, overall mobile app usage rose by 58 percent in 2015 – with the majority of this growth coming from productivity and emoji apps, according to Digital Strategy Consulting. And users in Asia are heavy app users too – using the Google app for … Read More

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