Richard Stiennon

Security Executive

Security executive Richard Stiennon has previously held roles such as Chief Strategy Officer of Blancco Technology group from 2016-2017 and Vice President of Research at Gartner Inc. from 2000 to 2004. Currently, Richard is a cyber security lecturer at Charles Sturt University in Australia and Director of the International Data Sanitization Consortium. His most recent book, There Will Be Cyberwar, was named a Washington Post bestseller in April 2016. Richard is regularly featured in news publications such as Forbes, Dark Reading, Infosecurity Magazine, Network World and BetaNews, where he comments on data governance, data management and cyber security.

Everything You Need to Know About the DoD 5220.22-M Wiping Standard & Its Applications Today

When vendors state that their solutions meet the DoD 5220.22-M “standard,” it typically means that their software will write to all addressable hard drive locations with a character, its complement and a random character. It must then be followed by verification. This “three-pass” procedure is designed to prevent data from being recovered by commercially available processes. But is the DoD 5220.22-M standard the best wiping method for your organization? Read … Read More

2017 Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA): Top Sessions & Takeaways

Mobile World Congress Americas (MWCA) has come and gone. This year, more than 21,000 attendees from 110 countries and territories attended the show, bringing with them innovative ideas to push the mobile industry into the future.  The three-day event featured exhibitions, conference sessions, GSMA summits and seminars, partner programs and exclusive networking events, including over 200 speakers and more than 39 hours of content. We’ve highlighted some of the top … Read More

The IDSC’s Guide to Data Sanitization Terminology

This week marks the launch of the International Data Sanitization Consortium, a group of analysts, software vendors, hardware manufacturers, IT asset disposition companies and enterprise organizations dedicated to creating and distributing data sanitization best practices, to eliminate ambiguity around data sanitization terminolgy and to influence data sanitization standards and guidelines. IDSC Founding Members Include: Information Governance Initiative                           … Read More

It’s Time to Get Serious About Data Sanitization

It’s a well-known fact that the United States is lacking an overall data privacy regulation like the EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, the German Standard Data Protection Model or the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA)’s Cyber Security Framework. But even with the wealth of data privacy and protection regulation in other countries, there’s a key aspect that continues to be glossed over, hazily referenced or simply ignored altogether: data … Read More

Is Three Years Enough Time to Prepare for New EU Medical Device Regulations?

Nowhere is the Internet of Things so worrisome as in the world of medical devices. From pace makers vulnerable to wireless hacking, to insulin pumps and beyond, medical devices are deployed with little thought to threat vectors or defenses. Regulators in the EU recognize the importance of controlling medical device proliferation and have recently enacted a broad set of EU medical device regulations for tracking medical device development and deployment. … Read More

How to Securely Erase Different SSDs: NVMe, PCIe and More
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managing and automating data erasure for mobile devices
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Managing and Automating Data Erasure for Mobile Devices
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Infotheek Data Erasure Case Study
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