APAC Blancco Bytes Enterprise: Balancing Data Security, Compliance & Sustainability

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Balancing Data Security, Compliance & Sustainability

Learn how certified data erasure helps you reinforce each of these three areas.

Are you handling PII, PHI, proprietary, or confidential information? Data sanitisation is a crucial, yet often overlooked component of a solid data security policy. Protecting this digital gold from hackers and thieves at end-of-life is critical.

Join Fredrik Forslund, VP and GM for Blancco International, and Jane Teh, SEA Cybersecurity Director at Deloitte SEA Risk Advisory, to find out: 

  • How to achieve absolute, permanent, compliant, data sanitisation—whether it’s disposing of hardware or eliminating data from live environments. 
  • The hidden value of eco-focused tech disposal, including the powerful role different methods of data sanitisation can play in benefitting or detracting from your organisation’s sustainability initiatives—and why that matters to business. 

This session is suitable for IT security, data protection, cybersecurity risk and compliance managers, directors, CISOs, CSOs, and DPOs.

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Meet our Speakers

Fredrik Forslund

Fredrik Forslund VP and GM for Blancco International

Fredrik Forslund VP and GM for Blancco International

As Vice President and General Manager of International Sales, Fredrik brings over 20 years of experience in IT security. This includes most recently leading Blancco’s data center and cloud erasure initiatives and before that, founding SafeIT, a security software company focusing on encryption and selective data erasure.

With a keen eye for streamlining corporate IT security efficiencies and maintaining compliance with data privacy legislation, he is regarded as a thought leader among customers and partners.

Jane Teh SEA Cybersecurity Director at Deloitte SEA Risk Advisory

Jane Teh SEA Cybersecurity Director at Deloitte SEA Risk Advisory

18 years experience in advising major verticals/ industries in cybersecurity, risk management, digitalising and technology transformation arena.

Worked with SEA regulators and advised C-suite in cyber-business risk planning & mitigation in accordance to country specific compliance requirements and international standards & best practices.

Independent interim CISO for financial, consultancy and startups sector; revolutionised & developed strategic Cybersecurity roadmap, policies; building and guiding teams to achieve maturity levels and business objectives.

Judge for SEA countries CTF, Bug Hunting and Hackathon events. Author and speaker in computer forensics, information security & cybersecurity threat & risk topics. 

Clients and colleagues regard Jane as a revolutionary thinker, forthcoming, capable team player with integrity. An individual who loves challenges, and go-to person to resolve issues with practical solutions, reliable go-getter that delivers what is promised. She is a woman of her words!

Technical Skills Coverage: 
▪ Cybersecurity & Threat Intelligence 
▪ Computer Crime & Forensics 
▪ Cyber Risk & Management 
▪ Computer Audit & Systems Security 
▪ Network, Internet Technologies & Design 
▪ Oracle Systems, ERP, ITIL ServiceNow 
▪ Cloud/ MPLS security 
▪ Linux-Unix Operating & File Systems 
▪ Database Architectures & Technology 
▪ Network Security Vulnerability and Threats 
▪ Architecture & Design 
▪ ODBC, MySQL & SQLite 
▪ MS Office Package and Adobe Web Premium Package

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