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California’s New Data Law is a Step Forward for Data Protection in the U.S.

By now, we’ve certainly all heard about the GDPR, and many businesses around the world have felt its effects. The GDPR isn’t the only forward leap for data privacy making waves in 2018, though. California just passed the toughest and most comprehensive data privacy law that the States has ever seen—marking a huge leap forward for the nation. The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 outlines legislation that will bring … Read More

Is It Time to Update Your IT Security Policies?

By and large, many of today’s companies have some form of policy in place to govern their data sanitization efforts. The way data is collected, stored, handled and disposed of is central to modern rhetoric, with concerns over the privacy and security of customer data at fever pitch. While having some form of policy is absolutely a step in the right direction, many policies are written loosely, opening potential risk. … Read More

Come and See us at ITAD Summit 2018!

The IT asset disposition (ITAD) industry is an important one for Blancco. We work with a wide range of influential ITADs across the globe, adding a layer of security to their operations with our suite of erasure products. While managing IT assets across their lifecycle, security cannot be overlooked, and data must be fully destroyed. Erasures must be verified and certified to prove compliance with industry and government regulations. To … Read More

A Comprehensive List of US Data Disposal Laws

Most businesses have access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII). This information is sensitive and must remain confidential—both during the customer’s active business with the company and after that relationship has ended. Businesses found to be careless with the management of PII, and its eventual disposal, can be harshly penalized, especially in this post-GDPR era. Compliance is key. Data breaches are costly to businesses; companies that have allowed personal data to … Read More

Is Your Business’ BYOD Policy Posing a Security Threat?

It’s 2018, and in today’s age of flexible working, virtual offices and the thoroughly modern business, the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) policy is becoming increasingly popular. This means employees are expected to use their own personal devices – such as mobile phones and laptops – to carry out their workplace duties. For many organizations, implementing a BYOD policy is cost-effective, as it cuts the expense of purchasing devices for … Read More

How Does Blancco Help Organizations Comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation?
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EU GDPR: A Corporate Dilemma
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