Commitment to Data Erasure Increases Laptop Donations

U.S. non-profit Computers for Community uses Blancco’s Drive Eraser to securely erase data on donated devices. By following data erasure best practices, Computers for Community grew its pool of potential corporate donors, many of whom require all IT donations be sanitized of sensitive data. By using data erasure, the organization increased laptop donations.


With Blancco, Computers for Community has

  • Quickly secured several new enterprise partners
  • Expanded its pool of potential donors
  • Increased the number of devices it has donated to other non-profits for distribution

Based in North Carolina, Computers for Community is a start-up non-profit that gives away repurposed laptops to other non-profits to help lessen the digital divide. That includes working with charities that provide technology for school children in developing countries, military veterans, work programs for those exiting homelessness and addiction, elderly groups focused on digital literacy, and women leaving abusive situations.

The organization also helps donor companies reduce e-waste and take advantage of charitable tax deductions for equipment they would otherwise destroy or recycle.

To help fund operations, Computers for Community provides enterprise value-added reseller (VAR) solutions to non-profits. This work helps non-profits advance their missions while also underwriting much of Computers for Community’s operational expenses


Computers for Community wanted to take advantage of the hardware refresh cycles of large enterprises to maximize potential donations, said Mike Dunn, the organization’s executive director. Most enterprises would not even discuss donating devices unless Computers for Community could prove that data had been securely removed from the devices before they were handed over to another organization.

Not only is removing data critical for an enterprise’s data security, it’s also a key part of data protection and privacy regulations. For laptops, desktops, and other data storage devices intended for reuse, such proof takes the form of verified data erasure that is documented by audit-ready and secure data erasure certificates for all donated items.


To meet these enterprise data erasure requirements, Computers for Community used Blancco Drive Eraser. The software gave Computers for Community the ability to offer donor businesses a signed, tamper-proof Certificate of Erasure to prove compliance with local, national, and global data protection regulations.

Using Blancco Drive Eraser, Computers for Community sanitizes all devices to the NIST 800-88 guidelines and can meet more than 24 additional standards and guidelines, such as the Department of Defense 5220.22 three-pass overwrite, upon request.

While Blancco Drive Eraser works on many devices, Computers for Community leverages Blancco Drive Eraser for laptops. All laptops the organization receives then get turned into Chromebooks.


Leveraging data erasure not only prevents massive amounts of e-waste and environmental devastation, it also provides an opportunity to help underserved communities. The organization’s commitment to data erasure increased laptop donations.

With Blancco Drive Eraser, Computers for Community saw an immediate increase in donations from enterprise clients.

“Using Blancco has opened so many doors. Many companies will not donate devices unless we can erase them. It is a non-starter for them. We can accept many more donations and help more people. Drive Eraser has changed everything.”

Mike Dunn, Computers for Community Executive Director

Computers for Community has negotiated deals because it was able to offer certification.

Since data erasure ensures that no data remains on data storage media, enterprises can safely donate their used devices to Computer for Community, which can put them to use.

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