Data Management

Managing data across its lifecycle is no small feat. From creation, to storage, to destruction, to recovery, retention and everything in between, data management is about keeping your company’s information secure at every point in its lifecycle. Read these blogs to learn about data management best practices, including practical tips on how you can improve data management practices across your entire organization.

Supply Chain Attack: Why Organizations Need Data Sanitization at All Stages of the Data Lifecycle

IT teams need to guard their infrastructure from outside attack, but they must also look at software and hardware that come from third-party suppliers and vendor partners—even trusted ones. This is particularly true for portable storage devices such as USBs and external or removable drives. Here’s how secure data erasure can help. … Read More

Which Common Data Sanitization Myths Do You Believe? Part II of II

If data protection is so critical, what keeps enterprises from completely removing data from drives and devices when it’s no longer needed? In this post, the second in a two-part series, we address five more data sanitization myths common to large and small enterprises alike. These include beliefs about erasing advanced SSDs, T2 Macs, sanitization in live environments, server downtime, and the cost of data sanitization. Even if you think … Read More

Enterprise Data Erasure:
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