Data Management

Managing data across its lifecycle is no small feat. From creation, to storage, to destruction, to recovery, retention and everything in between, data management is about keeping your company’s information secure at every point in its lifecycle. Read these blogs to learn about data management best practices, including practical tips on how you can improve data management practices across your entire organization.

Supply Chain Attack: Why Organizations Need Data Sanitization at All Stages of the Data Lifecycle

In October 2018, Bloomberg Businessweek published an extensive investigative article into the compromise of some of the U.S.’s largest organizations. The article details a mammoth hardware hack originating in China, wherein rogue hardware was fitted into motherboards at the beginning of the supply chain and later used to facilitate complete, unrestricted access to the systems at the other end. This kind of hack unearths a concerning vulnerability in the technology … Read More

Is It Time to Update Your IT Security Policies?

By and large, many of today’s companies have some form of policy in place to govern their data sanitization efforts. The way data is collected, stored, handled and disposed of is central to modern rhetoric, with concerns over the privacy and security of customer data at fever pitch. While having some form of policy is absolutely a step in the right direction, many policies are written loosely, opening potential risk. … Read More

Are Onsite Data Centers or Cloud Storage the Best Way to Protect Data?

You may have heard of millennials “killing things,” from napkins to chain restaurants, but did you know that onsite (on-premises) data centers could also be meeting their doom in the near future? Even though 65 percent of enterprise workloads were running in owned or onsite data centers in 2017, and the fact that this number hasn’t changed much from 2014, tech experts and analysts expect 2018 will be the year … Read More

3 Cleaning Tips to Optimize Your Data Center Operations

Is your data center looking a little dirty? If you have racks of servers and loose drives piled up, your messy environment may be putting you at risk. In addition, if you aren’t following data hygiene and compliance guidelines, it may be time for a best practice “clean-up.” Read the following blog for tips on how to achieve these goals, while improving your data center operations. … Read More

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