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Smartphone trade-in programs have become profitable on a number of fronts. For one, they can be used to acquire and retain customers. They can also open up new and emerging markets through the sale of secondhand devices to the developing world, where demand is high for premium devices. Find out how to make the buy-back/trade-in process within your retail or carrier businesses efficient, informative and profitable through remotely assessing the condition of mobile devices, reducing trade-in variance and increasing customer satisfaction.

Top 5 Buy-back / Trade-in Issues Costing Your Organization Money

Damaged screens, locked devices and other challenging conditions drain profits and add time to your mobile buy-back/trade-in process. Below, we identify the costliest obstacles that carriers, retailers, resellers, mobile insurers and others face when dealing with previously owned devices, as well as how to remove all five issues from the BBTI process. … Read More

Used Smartphone Sales are Poised for Growth—Are Your Buy-back / Trade-in Processes Ready?

As 5G availability increases, consumers will seek credit from their old phones to put toward the latest devices. With used smartphone sales continuing to increase, Blancco Mobile Solutions will ease the buy-back/trade-in process so you can breeze through the activity from all sides—and deliver a seamless experience to consumers at home, online or in your store. … Read More

5G Smartphone Upgrades and the Secondary Device Deluge
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mobile diagnostics case study
Research Study
The Critical Importance of Consumer Trust in the Second-Hand Mobile Market
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mobile erasure
Case Study
ERI Incorporates Blancco’s Mobile Diagnostic Tools to Enhance Operational Efficiency
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