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Learn how you can quickly and accurately gauge device value anywhere, anytime. 

Get Real—Not Estimated—Value for
Mobile Device Trade-ins 

See how our unique data technology gives you the ability to offer precise, accurate values when remotely assessing the condition of mobile devices. 

Blancco Mobile Buy-back/Trade-in Overview

“With the Blancco data erasure solutions, we can not only protect our customers’ data privacy, but we can also increase their level of trust and loyalty with us. These are both incredibly important benefits that allow us to maximize the success of our trade-in program.”

Lennart Kleuser, Founder & CEO, FLIP4NEW

What Your Blancco Mobile Buy-back/Trade-in Trial Covers

Learn how Blancco’s easy-to-use solution provides:

Precise buy-back/trade-in appraisals

Reduce returns variance and remove human judgement from device valuations using patent-pending technologies

Location independence

Accurately assess device condition anywhere—not just your retail location—through an intuitive diagnostics process 

Customer ease

The intuitive app concludes with specific return instructions to increase ease of use and satisfaction

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