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  • The chance to see how Blancco solutions can be customized to fit your specific environment, integrate with existing systems via our Two-Way Communication solution and streamline grading, erasure and diagnostics processes with Blancco Mobile Workflows

Free Certificate of Erasure with Every Trial

Every Blancco data erasure product comes with a tamper-proof certificate. This Certificate of Erasure contains proof that overwrite has been successful and written to all sectors of the device, along with key hardware and diagnostic details.

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Blancco’s diagnostics and data erasure solutions have proven to be of tremendous value for our business. The diagnostics solution has enabled us to optimize and automate the testing and processing of traded in devices, while also putting more money into our customers’ pockets for their old devices. With the Blancco data erasure solutions, we can not only protect our customers’ data privacy, but we can also increase their level of trust and loyalty with us. These are both incredibly important benefits that allow us to maximize the success of our trade-in program.

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Lennart Kleuser, Founder & CEO, Flip4New

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