Free Mobile Diagnostics & Erasure Trial for Mobile Processors

Automated workflows, 60+ diagnostics tests, and certified data erasure make your business more profitable, efficient, and secure. 

High-Volume Efficiency. Accurate Device Assessments. 

When processing high volumes of mobile devices for resale, repair or recycle, operational efficiency is crucial.  

Ensure complete sanitization

Erase 100 percent of private mobile data to increase resale value. Up to 80+ devices at once. Choose from Data Clear (Factory Reset) or any of 13 secure erasure methods, including Aperiodic Random Overwrite and DoD 5220.22M. 

Overview: Solutions for Mobile Processors 

“We tracked the number of devices technicians [handle], and they have their own goals they want to reach…. Using Mobile Diagnostics, they could set their targets a lot higher, and we’re able to do a lot more in less time….”

Christopher Wuetz, Director of Corporate Development, Teqcycle Solutions

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