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See how you can improve customer satisfaction and maximize profits with Blancco Mobile Solutions. You’ll learn how tailored, automated workflows increase customer satisfaction, reduce no-fault returns, offer mobile insurance remotely, seamlessly transfer content, and accurately asset mobile devices for trade-ins. 

Overview: Blancco Mobile Retail

What Your Blancco Mobile Retail Trial Covers

Customizable workflows can streamline your processes, lower costs, cultivate customer loyalty, and increase your brand reputation. See how to incorporate the following:

Returns reduction

Accurately assess device condition anywhere through a simple and intuitive diagnostics process 

Precise buy-back/trade-in appraisals

Reduce returns variance and remove human judgement from device valuations

Post-sale mobile insurance

Facilitate sign-ups anywhere through an app or web browser with remote condition assessment

Wireless content transfers

Perform fast, cross-platform wireless content transfers—no hardware required

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