See how Blancco Mobile Diagnostics can help you quickly improve customer satisfaction (NPS) and reduce NTF returns.

There are three unique Blancco Mobile Diagnostics solutions for mobile retailers:

  • Retail Solution: A kiosk-based tablet for self-help or assisted diagnosis to avoid No Trouble Found (NTF) returns and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Remote Support Solution: Call center agents access a web-based portal and sync to customer’s device using an on-device app to pinpoint the source of device issues, reducing NTF returns and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Self-Service Solution: On-device app for self-service that easily diagnoses a customers’ device symptoms and provides accurate fixes for common device issues.

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  • Develop a strategy to optimize efficiency and improve customer satisfaction

Your free trial will include:

  • A guided tour/demo of Blancco Mobile Diagnostics in your environment
  • Ability to choose from a bank of 60+ diagnostics tests


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