September 22, 2021 Live Webinar

Top 3 Data Destruction Dangers & How To Avoid Them

4:30 pm Jakarta, Indonesia

Webinar Overview

96 percent of enterprises say they have a data sanitisation policy in place today. Closer investigation reveals otherwise. We surveyed 1,850 senior decision makers, across enterprise organisations around the world, to understand the data sanitisation methods they’re using for old IT assets, policies they’ve put in place to reduce risk, and the impact those policies have on corporate sustainability initiatives. 

Join our panellists Fredrik Forslund, VP of Enterprise and Cloud Erasure Solutions at Blancco, Haris Minanda, IT Data Center & DRC Specialist, Body Shop Indonesia, and Antonius Ruslan, Head of IT Security and Technology Risk Management| Leading Telecommunications Provider as they discuss: 

  • Why organisations are overconfident about their data sanitisation policies and procedures 
  • Which inadequate data removal methods are currently being used across some of the world’s largest companies 
  • What a lack of clear communication throughout the organisation means for your data protection and sanitisation policies 
  • Why keeping old equipment onsite could be putting your business at risk 

Most importantly, find out practical recommendations on how to decrease costs, while increasing security and compliance. 

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Speakers and Moderator

Fredrik Forslund

Fredrik Forslund – Speaker VP, Enterprise and Cloud Erasure Solutions, Blancco

Haris Minanda – Speaker IT Data Center & DRC Specialist, Body Shop Indonesia

Antonius Ruslan – Speaker Head of IT Security and Technology Risk Management, Leading Telecommunications Provider

Jeffrey Teh – Moderator CEO, Teh Group

Watch Our Expert Panel Discuss The Top 3 Data Destruction Dangers & How To Avoid Them

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