Internal Control

The Board of Directors has devised and maintains an ethical and responsible internal control system, which serves to protect shareholder investments and the company’s assets. This system is designed to manage, rather than eliminate, risks of failure and provide reasonable assurances against material misrepresentations, statements or losses.

Blancco Technology Group is committed to conducting its business responsibly and in accordance with all laws and regulations to which its business activities are subject. Employees are encouraged to raise concerns about fraud and other matters through a whistleblowing procedure. All such concerns are reported to the company’s Audit Committee, which includes a follow-up report on the results of and actions taken following any investigations that may have taken place.

Blancco Technology Group operates an internal audit process that includes peer reviews, which are submitted to and discussed with the designated Audit Committee and external auditors. Further development of the internal audit process will be reviewed as the company grows.

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