The Board

Currently the Board comprises the Chairman, two executive directors and three non-executive directors.

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The Directors are given access to independent professional advice, at the Group’s expense, when the Board deems it necessary in order for them to carry out their responsibilities.

The Board holds regular, scheduled meetings and informal meetings as required. There were thirteen Board meetings in the 2016 financial year.

New Non-Executive Directors are provided with an induction programme to familiarise them with the Group. The Non-Executive Directors have met separately several times during the year.

The Board has agreed a schedule of matters reserved specifically for its decision which include:

  • Overall strategy and objectives
  • Approving interim and financial statements
  • Approving annual budget and medium term projections
  • Reviewing operational and financial performance
  • Acquisitions and disposals
  • Major divestments and capital expenditure
  • Reviewing the Group’s systems and capital expenditure
  • Reviewing the environmental and health and safety performance of the Group
  • Approving appointments to the Board including the Company Secretary
  • Approving the remuneration policy
  • Ensuring that a satisfactory dialogue takes place with shareholders

Regular reports and papers are circulated to the Board in a timely manner in preparation for the Board Meetings. These papers are supplemented by information specifically requested by the Board from time to time. The Board also receives monthly management accounts and regular management reports and information that enable the Directors to review the Group’s and management’s performance against agreed objectives.

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