Annual General Meeting

This year the Company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at 5.30pm on Tuesday 15 December 2020. Due to the uncertainty about Government restrictions in relation to COVID-19 the AGM was held virtually via the Microsoft Teams platform to ensure the safety of Blancco’s people, shareholders and other stakeholders and was permitted under the extension of the provisions of the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020.


All of the resolutions proposed at the meeting were passed, with voting held on a poll.

Details of the votes cast are as follows:

  Resolution For % Against %
1 To receive the report & accounts 46,860,644 99.41 277,639 0.59
2 To approve the directors’ remuneration report 45,732,835 97.02 1,403,918 2.98
3 To elect Catherine Michel as a director 47,135,676 100.00 238 0
4 To re-elect Philip Rogerson as a director 47,136,315 100.00 238 0
5 To reappoint the auditors and authorise the directors to set their fees 47,123,069 99.97 15,214 0.03
6 To authorise the directors to allot shares 47,135,169 99.99 2,912 0.01
7 To disapply pre-emption rights 46,743,834 99.16 393,828 0.84
8 To authorise share buybacks 46,858,975 99.41 278,878 0.59
9 To adopt new articles of association 45,954,966 97.50 1,180,127 2.50


There was no presentation at the AGM this year, however, a presentation for retail investors was held via the Investor Meet platform on 6 October 2020, following the announcement of the 2020 full year results. You can register with Investor Meet Company and then view a recording of the presentation here.

AGM notice and business

The business transacted at the AGM is set out in the Notice of AGM on pages 122 and 123 of the Annual Report and an explanation of the business is given on pages 126 and 127. As well as the usual business, new articles of association were adopted at the meeting and these can be found here.

Future meetings

It is the Board’s intention that after the Government restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic are lifted, the Company will return to holding a physical AGM.