Our Strategy

The company is comprised of two distinct business units: Blancco (data erasure) and SmartChk (mobile diagnostics).

Through our Blancco data erasure solutions, we enable organizations to properly manage information across the entire lifecycle – from creation to storage to transfer to removal. Unlike any other data erasure solution provider, we hold the highest number of certifications, approvals and recommendations – over 19 total – from national and international governing bodies, including the United States Department of Defense, NATO, TUV SUD and Dipcog. As of March 2016, we have been awarded three patents for our unique, secure and verifiable SSD erasure method in the EU, Finland and the United States (Patent No. 9286231).

Through our SmartChk mobile diagnostics solutions, we are able to address two key challenges facing the mobile industry: optimizing device performance and protecting mobile data. SmartChk has a 60 percent success rate of resolving device problems on the first attempt and are proven to reduce “No Trouble Found” (NTF) returns.

Both of these business units are based on an intangible asset base and have the benefit of scaling without a direct requirement for additional operational investment or complexity.

Our Business Priorities

Maintain Blancco CAGR through the strategic execution of product development and technology, sales, marketing and customer experience.

Boost competitive advantage in the United States through the hiring and training of enterprise sales professionals to target key verticals, including retail, finance, healthcare, ITADs, etc.

Increase global sales via strategic positioning of our mobile and live environment erasure products into key markets and developing channel partnerships with enterprise software/ service providers and distributors.

Invest in SmartChk to further strengthen our traditional USPs for ITADs and service partners, as well as create opportunities in new markets.

Maximize marketing, sales and ecommerce initiatives to drive consistent demand generation, improve lead flow, improve brand awareness and drive thought leadership in the market.