Q4 2017 Report Reveals that Android Users are Far Slower to Update Operating Systems while Majority of Processors are Using Secure Overwriting Methods

State of Mobile Device Repair & Security: Q4 2017 Report Reveals Mobile Processors Must be Prepared to Securely Overwrite Android Devices for Up to a Decade

San Francisco, CA, February 27, 2018– Today, Blancco Technology Group follows its successful run of Mobile Device Performance & Health reports over the past two years with a new mobile report designed especially for mobile processors, call centers and resellers.

Based on data collected from iOS and Android mobile devices that were brought in to mobile carriers and device manufacturers for diagnostics tests and mobile erasure in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia from October 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017, the report focuses on data that mobile organizations can use to ensure a better customer experience, diagnose devices more quickly and improve mobile security best practices for data sanitization.

Key highlights from the Q4 2017 trend report include:

  • Older Android Versions are Sticking Around, While iOS Users are Quick to Update – Approximately 30.5 percent of Android devices that underwent the Blancco mobile device erasure process in Q4 2-17 were running Android versions from 2013 or earlier. Meanwhile, of the iOS models wiped during this testing period (88.83 percent) were running the latest iOS 11 update.
  • Majority of Processors are Using Secure, Randomized Overwriting Methods for Android Erasure – To address the different erasure needs required by various Android devices, our data shows that most Blancco customers are using secure, software-based overwriting to erase their sensitive data. With 67% utilizing Aperiodic random overwrite.
  • Failure Rates for iOS: iPhone 6 & 6S Continue to Disappoint – The iPhone 6 continues to have the highest failure rates of any model, including iOS and Androids.
  • Failure Rates for Android: Samsung Models Stand Out as Problematic, but are Getting Better – Samsung models continue to have the highest failure rate for Android phones, at nearly 34 percent. However, this is sharp decrease from the failure rates reported in our previous mobile reports, which showed a failure rate of 61 percent in Q2 2017 and 53 percent in Q3 2017.

“Our internal data, which matches closely with what we see in the industry overall, showed that more than a quarter of Android devices processed in Q4 2-17 were running software versions from 2013 or earlier, with a couple of instances as far back as Cupcake and Donut (from 2009) coming in,” said Russ Ernst, Vice President of Product Management for Blancco. “This shows that mobile processors must be prepared to address devices long after they first hit the market—even up to a decade later. To do this, you’ll need to rely on erasure software that can work across any mobile device, no matter its age, software or model type.”

In addition to these insights, mobile organizations will also learn about the most common Android and iOS software issues, specific model performance, and information about how failure rates vary across different devices and regions.

At Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona (February 26- March 1, 2018), demos of the Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Blancco Mobile Device Eraser solutions will be available at Blancco’s booth, Hall 5 Stand 5C43.


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