Through our certified data erasure process, organizations now have a secure method to erase data on storage devices – regardless of underlying technology – in a cost-effective, secure and eco-friendly manner. Ensure your sensitive data has been permanently erased from servers, laptops, desktops and drives with the most certified disk erasure software solution on the market. Each erasure is verified and certified, resulting in a tamper-proof Certificate of Erasure to prove compliance with local, national and global data protection regulations.

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Key Benefits of Blancco’s Disk Erasure Software:

  • Patented solid-state drive (SSD) erasure (Patent No. 9286231)
  • Erases data permanently from multiple HDDs/SSDs simultaneously
  • Automates the hard drive erasure process to remove BIOS freeze locks
  • Local and remote deployment
  • RAID dismantling and pass through
  • Identifies false positives during internal data erasure processes
  • Provides digitally-signed Certificate of Erasure for auditing and compliance
  • Compliant with all state, federal and international data privacy regulations and guidelines

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Secure SSD Data Erasure


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The First Patented SSD Data Erasure Solution

Guarantee your data has been erased from any drive from HDDs and standard SSDs to modern PCIe-based NVMes in desktop/laptop computers, servers and storage environments with the most certified and patented data erasure solution (Patent No. 9286231). Blancco’s patented SSD solution ensures data is written across the full logical capacity of the SSD (and not just compressed) with overwrite passes using random data.

Benefits of Patented SSD Erasure

The Most Certified Data Erasure Software Available

Blancco data erasure solutions have been tested, certified, approved and recommended by 15+ governing bodies and leading organizations around the world. No other data erasure software can boast this level of compliance with the rigorous requirements set by government agencies, legal authorities and independent testing laboratories.

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Solutions for ITADs, Data Centers and Enterprises

Whether you’re an ITAD, data center, enterprise or other business that processes a large amount of drive-bearing IT assets, there’s a Driver Eraser solution for you. With the flexibility to address everything from loose drives in data centers, to various types of HDDs, to new and more complicated SSDs such as NVMes, Blancco Driver Eraser is customizable to address your organization’s specific erasure needs.

Solutions for ITADs, Data Centers and Enterprises

Blancco Drive Eraser Technical Specifications

  • Locally or remotely controlled data erasure via the Blancco Management Console
  • High-speed, simultaneous erasure of multiple drives
  • RAID dismantling and direct access to the underlying physical drives
  • SSD detection and secure erasure with Blancco´s patented SSD method
  • Automated detection and unlocking of freeze locked drives
  • Extensive list of international erasure standards, including HMG/CESG, NIST, BSI and DoD
  • Detection, notification and erasure of hidden areas (DCO, HPA) and remapped sectors
  • Support for internal drive erasure commands, including cryptographic erasure and Opal feature set
  • Ability to reformat SATA drives after erasure
  • 1 GB RAM memory in most cases (2 GB for PXE booting)
  • Local erasure:
    • CD/DVD drive or USB port for booting the software
    • SVGA display and VESA compatible video card
    • USB port for saving reports
  • Remote erasure (requires Blancco Management Console):
    • Ethernet NIC
    • DHCP Server running on local network for PXE booting, remote erasure and report collection
  • Improved usability for a faster and more efficient erasure process
  • Multi-tasking to allow the hardware diagnostics and updating the report during the erasure time
  • Screensaver displaying the erasure progress to monitor the process remotely
  • Resume an erasure that has been interrupted without consuming extra licenses
  • Dedicated interface for loose drive erasure 
  • Digitally-signed Certificate of Erasure
  • Choose between asset level or drive-level reports
  • Save reports locally or send them through the network to the Blancco Management Console
  • Detailed reports enabled by enhanced hardware detection
  • Extensive erasure information, including HDD details for seamless audit procedures
  • User extendable report (with option to add “custom fields”)
  • Blancco Drive Eraser is platform independent
  • Local control with HASP dongles, standalone images, or centralized control through the Blancco Management Console or Blancco Cloud
  • Deploy locally (CD, USB), via the network (PXE), or preinstall or install locally (appliance mode)
  • 13+ hardware tests, including:
    RAM, CPU, Motherboard, Battery (current capacity & charge), PC speaker, Display, Pointing devices, Keyboard, Optical drive,Webcam, USB ports, WiFi card
  • Hot swap capabilities
  • Customize erasure software to fit specific needs
  • Customize input fields in erasure reports
  • 3 levels of process automation: manual, semi-automatic, automatic
  • Ability to communicate back and forth with Blancco Management Console (Two-Way Communication)
  • Erase data securely from PCs, laptops, servers and storage environments based in x86 and x86-64 architectures
  • BIOS & UEFI machines including Intel-based Macs and Secure Boot
  • IDE/ATA, SATA, SCSI, SAS, USB, Fibre Channel, FireWire hard disk drives of any size/blocksize
  • SATA and SAS solid state drives of any size/blocksize
  • eMMC drives of any size/blocksize
  • NVMe drives of any size/blocksize
  • Verification algorithms to automatically check the overwritten patterns
  • Hexviewer provides fast visual verification of the erasure for compliance
  • Reports are tamper-proof reporting
  • Embed reports in the drives for a fast erasure audit
  • English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, Taiwanese, Italian and Portuguese, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian
  • Up to 20 different keyboard layouts supported

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