Blancco Drive Eraser

Remove data from servers, laptops, desktops, and loose drives with the industry’s most trusted data erasure solution.

Need to wipe to a specific standard? Choose from DoD, NIST, BSI, the new IEEE 2883, or 20+ others—we’ve got you covered.

Security. Automation. Compliance.

Ensure regulatory compliance and reinforce data security with permanent, complete data overwriting for your decommissioned HDDs, SSDs, NVMes, and drive-based devices.

SSD drive and 2.5 HDD drive

Reclaim more drives & devices

Redeploy, sell, recycle, or dispose of your decommissioned IT assets—confident that data is forever gone.

As the industry’s most tested and certified data sanitization software, Blancco Drive Eraser provides regulation-compliant data destruction for HDDs, SSDs, and NVMes across the widest range of devices—loose drives, servers, desktops and laptops (including Chromebooks and Apple T2 computers), and more.

Automate drive erasure—locally or remotely

Easy integrations and customizable workflows allow you to sanitize drives and devices at scale and across geographies.

  • Efficiently erase devices in office, on prem, in remote data centers (even with drives in rack!), or employee home offices.
  • Integrate with your ITSM/ITAM solution (such as ServiceNow) or existing AMS/ERP system.
  • You can even automate different erasure standards for different situations.

Choose your industry erasure standard

Adhere to company policies and certify erasure to your standard of choice, whether NIST Purge/Clear, DoD 5220.22-M/ECE, BSI-GS/GSE, our Blancco SSD Erasure standard, or another industry guideline.

Blancco Drive Eraser is NIST 800-88 Compliance Verified by ADISA for HDDs and SSDs and supports the new IEEE 2883-2022 standard. Each erasure is verified, with digitally signed certificates centrally stored to ease auditing.

SSD erasure

Tackle SSDs confidently

Blancco’s SSD Erasure method (Patent No. 9286231) overcomes functionality differences across SSD vendors.

Regardless of SSD make or model, Blancco’s secure erasure methods leverage firmware-level commands to ensure data is written across the full logical capacity of the drive (and not just compressed). It includes multiple random overwrites, freeze lock removal, and full verification.

Key Benefits

See why enterprises, ITADs, and other top-tier organizations insist on Blancco Drive Eraser for their decommissioned drives and devices.

SSD Erasure

Patented solid-state drive (SSD) erasure

Erasure at scale

Permanent data erasure from multiple drives simultaneously


Workflows to automate every step of your erasure process


RAID dismantling, pass through and false positive identification


Provides a digitally signed certificate of erasure for a complete audit trail


Compliant with all state, federal and international data privacy regulations and guidelines

Our credentials


Devices securely erased


Supported erasure standards


Global certifications, & recommendations


Patents & patent-pending ideas

Case Study

“Blancco provided easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use tools for achieving compliance and fulfilling our secure data erasure needs.”

Simon Lam, Sysmex Senior Read case study

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Sanitize decommissioned physical assets—at scale—and manage data erasure in active environments more efficiently and effectively. Put Blancco to the test on your loose drives, servers, VMs, LUNs, server arrays, and more.

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