Q&A with Alan Bentley, President of Global Sales for Blancco

Dec 11, 2017

I sat down with our new President of Global Sales, Alan Bentley, to get his opinions on the current state of the data sanitization industry, where it’s going in the future and how Blancco fits in. Read what Alan has to say in the Q&A session below.

Katie Jefcoat - Blancco Author

Katie Moss Jefcoat Katie has launched and supported marketing campaigns for B2B technology companies since 2011. From 2016 to 2021, Katie served Blancco in the roles of content manager and senior product marketing manager, communicating the features and benefits of Blancco products, evaluating market and competitive trends, supporting sales enablement, and representing the voice of the customer.

Q: Why do you feel a data erasure process is so critical for IT teams to implement? 

A: Data erasure is a critical component of an organization’s IT security posture. Everything around information security is focused on data. Complicating matters, there has been an explosion in the amount of data created by organizations around this globe. All the data must be stored and archived, increasing the resources needed to manage that data.

It’s estimated that over 50 percent of all data residing on a network is not relevant/obsolete and therefore not required. Not having an effective and auditable process for erasing this data leaves any IT team dreading a potential data breach that could result in multiple fines for information that wasn’t needed in the first place. All companies need to have a policy/process for ensuring that unnecessary data can be certifiably erased. Additionally, you should have a process for erasure prior to sending equipment outside of your trusted environment, whether for resale, recycling or otherwise.

Q: Why do you feel Blancco data erasure is the best?

A: First and foremost, Blancco covers many aspect of data erasure—from physical, to logical/file, to all types of drives and mobile phones. Added to this breadth of coverage for IT devices, you have integrations and certifications come from 20+ years that Blancco has been developing best-in-class products. We also have global coverage in terms of support and sales, as well as large investments in continued research and development.

Q: What makes you most concerned about the data sanitization industry today? 

A: I think the biggest issue is lack of cohesion and understanding of best practices Many companies are not aware of what constitutes an effective approach to data sanitization. There is still a lack of clear understanding throughout the industry.

Q: How do you think Blancco can help?

A: Blancco continues to drive thought leadership around this issue and will continue to do so by working with industry leaders and customers to help define what data sanitization terminologies and processes should look like. We help educate the market and ensure that organizations can build on security postures and reduce the risk of compromised sensitive data.

Q: What are you most excited about in Blancco’s future?

A: I’m excited about our company continuing to be the leader in data erasure and developing new product offerings in data erasure and mobile diagnostics. I also expect a better understanding of our customers’ present and future needs so that we can continue to help organizations stay more secure in today’s threatening cyber security landscape.