Not all data sanitization providers are created equal.

To protect previously stored sensitive or private data, enterprises need security, compliance and efficiency when it comes time to retire, resell, or recycle PCs and laptops, SSDs and HDDs, mobile devices and other IT equipment.

Our vendor guide provides everything you need to know when choosing a product or service to handle your end-of-life IT assets, including:

  • A clear explanation of what data erasure is—as well as what it isn’t
  • What to look for in a Certificate of Erasure to make sure you’re ready for industry data protection audits
  • Vendor qualities that ensure regulation compliance, data protection and efficiency

This free download also comes with a convenient checklist so you can answer questions like:

  • Does the vendor check for and remove BIOS freeze locks?
  • Can they erase servers while still in-rack?
  • Can they identify false positives during internal erasure processes?

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