[Checklist] Decommissioning Checklist for Enterprises: PCs, Laptops & Other IT Assets

You’ve spent massive amounts of time and resources to ensure your organization’s data remains secure while under your control.

But how do you ensure that same level of security when decommissioning those assets? How certain are you that your data won’t be inadvertently transferred to another internal department or, worse, exposed after the assets leave your facility?

Download your “Decommissioning Checklist for Enterprises” to ensure previously stored data on PCs, laptops and other IT assets is permanently removed before devices are reused, returned to leasing providers, recycled or destroyed.

This checklist explains how to:

  • Maintain data security throughout the decommissioning process
  • Decommission enterprise data storage devices based on final destination
  • Acquire and maintain audit-ready data erasure records

Download your decommissioning checklist today.

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