[Overview] FAQs for ITADs: Blancco Data Erasure Solutions


The pressure on ITADs and recyclers to safeguard sensitive data continues to increase. Enterprises are increasingly moving to implement data erasure software that both verifies and certifies data sanitization and provides a tamper-proof audit trail. This helps organizations avoid security gaps when it’s time for process audits, as well as eliminate efficiency gaps when it’s time for those assets to be sanitized for resale or recycling. Here, we’ll show you how Blancco’s data erasure software can help your organization guarantee compliance, increase efficiency and decrease costs.

Q: What does it mean when Blancco is referred to as “future-proof” or “a one-stop shop?”
A: Blancco offers a complete suite of erasure products for mobile phones, PCs, laptops, servers, files and beyond. You may not need all the solutions we offer today, but as your clients’ needs expand, we will have the erasure offerings they will require. Our offerings are continuously expanding and being updated.

Blancco can address all your mobile diagnostics and data erasure requirements. We offer professional services and support options to help implement and tailor our solutions to your organization’s unique needs. You are our partner, not a customer—we work with you on an individual basis to ensure you have the tools to meet your customers’ ITAD services demands. In addition, our automated audit-ready reporting helps prove compliance, ensuring you’re ready when customers or auditors ask for proof of data removal.

Q: Why are Blancco’s erasure costs per drive higher than its competitors?
A: Licensing is just one of the factors when looking at how much processing each device costs. Labor is the most expensive line item that is often ignored. Removing the manual reporting and exporting process also reduces the time to process each asset. Additionally, the ability to erase drives in their native unit and use a PXE boot process also reduces active touch time. Consider how many times an asset needs to be touched during the erasure process. This is called active touch time. The more times it is handled, the more expensive the processing. We offer the ability to touch the asset only once to capture the hardware information, erase the asset, test it and provide a tamper-proof report. This significantly reduces the labor cost and dispels the myth that license cost is all that matters. Our licensing cost also includes an API to integrate your current WMS or ERP.


Q: How is Blancco’s global presence beneficial for ITADs?
A: First, the ability to support ITADs that have global locations in their native language is a huge factor. This presence also helps us better address a wide range of devices. For example, our APAC customers typically have a shorter refresh cycle. The benefit to you is that by the time these devices arrive at your dock, we are most likely familiar with them.

Q: How easy is it to use Blancco software?
A: Training employees to use Blancco software is a service offered by Blancco’s professional services team or available by using our comprehensive documentation. Depending on the support level you choose, remote support for specific issues is also available.


Q: What tools does Blancco provide its ITAD partners?
A: Our experts go out of their way to help you tailor our solutions to fit your needs. We’ll support you with marketing, sales support of our solutions, business development and more. In addition, we provide you information via our quarterly ITAD newsletters and webinars, partner portalITAD microsite, and Knowledge Base portal.

Q: What is the Blancco Knowledge Base portal?
A: The Blancco Knowledge Base portal provides up-to-date information on software upgrades/updates, links to download these updates, release notes, information on known challenges, FAQs and more.

Q: What is two-way communication and how does that help my company?
A: Two-way communication, or extended asset management integration, allows for the seamless integration of Blancco solutions with existing AMS/ERP systems. This helps ITADs support automated process flows and reduces the number of operator choices and inputs, lowering the likelihood of human error and increasing processing speed.

Certification and Compliance

Q: Which erasure standards does Blancco support?
A: We meet all the highest standards for secure data erasure because we know compliance doesn’t always achieve the greatest security. Blancco Drive Eraser supports 25+ erasure standards. You can find the full, up-to-date list here.

Q: Are Blancco products 3rd-party certified?
A: Blancco data erasure solutions have been tested, certified, approved and recommended by 15+ governing bodies and leading organizations around the world. No other data erasure software can boast this level of compliance with the rigorous requirements set by government agencies, legal authorities and independent testing laboratories. See our full list of global certifications, here.

Q: How will Blancco help my organization achieve compliance?
A: Each time an erasure is performed using our data erasure solutions, it’s verified and certified with a tamper-proof, audit-ready Certificate of Erasure to ensure compliance.

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