[Infographic] An International Look at Public Sector SSD Destruction

Jun 24, 2022 Best Practice

Government SSD Destruction: Sustainable, Security-Focused Changes are Needed

The call to greater environmental sustainability is undeniable.
With its enormous spending power and widespread impact, federal and local governments are adopting more sustainable practices—from construction processes, fuel consumption, and more.
And yet, current media sanitization practices perpetuate the needless destruction of millions of public sector data storage devices and drives every year.

What the Research Says

Based on Blancco-commissioned research conducted by Coleman Parks and data reported in the UN’s Global E-waste Monitor, our infographic highlights government’s opportunity to turn away from shredding—and otherwise destroying—solid-state drives to achieve data security.

The alternative?
Confident reuse that matches destruction in security effectiveness, reduces e-waste, and extracts more value from the public sector’s IT investment.

Download “An International Look at Public Sector SSD Destruction” to learn:

The infographic outlines data sanitization practices in Canada, the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, India, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. Take a look—and consider whether your agency could move the needle away from government SSD destruction—and toward a more sustainable solution.

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