[Checklist] ITADs: Does Your Data Erasure Software Maximize Your Productivity & Efficiency?

Use these questions to find out.

Prudent ITAD operations managers periodically evaluate the products and services used throughout their company. The goal: to make sure that the tools they are relying on continue to be the best fit—even when technologies, regulations and customer requirements have changed.

To help you quickly evaluate whether your current data erasure solution meets current customer needs, maximizes your ITAD’s productivity and minimizes your labor costs, download your free copy of our one-page data erasure “health check” resource.

This quick ITAD data erasure checklist will help you evaluate current and potential data sanitization solutions across four areas:

For instance:

  1. Does your solution erase SSD and NVME drives using firmware-based commands?
  2. Are you able to automatically break or dismantle RAID configurations in servers or workstations?
  3. Are support SLAs in place—and are they consistently met or exceeded?

Request your free, one-page ITAD Data Erasure Checklist now to see if there are features that could reduce your labor costs, increase your ITAD’s throughput—and help grow your ITAD business.

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