[Guide Book] NIST SP 800-88 “Media Sanitization Guidelines” Quick-Start Guide

NIST Special Publication 800-88, Rev. 1, “Guidelines for Media Sanitization”—by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology—is one of the primary references for ensuring that confidential and private information is protected across various types of media, including digital.

Whether you’re in the government, education (public or private) or private industry, if you must protect sensitive or private data, our NIST SP 800-00 Quick-Start Guide will help.

Need to know when to sanitize to NIST Clear or NIST Purge standards?

Want to know if destroying media is the best option for protecting data on magnetic and flash-based digital media?

The Guide outlines the pros and cons of Clear, Purge and Destroy methods. It also summarizes NIST’s recommendations for deciding what level of sanitization is best for your organization’s digital media.

You’ll learn:

And more.

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