[On-Demand Webinar] The Growing Mobile Device Insurance Market: How Insurers Can Develop New Opportunities

Webinar Overview

The mobile device landscape is changing rapidly – and mobile device insurance is following suit.  

With incidents in accidental damage and thefts on the rise, and a continued increase in adoption of high-end smartphones, mobile device insurance is expected to grow to a $40billion+ market worldwide – a wide-open opportunity for insurers across the globe.  

Find out how insurers can use new technology to create new opportunities and grow their business in the mobile device insurance market:

Understand customer behaviour and needs around mobile devices and their protection

Tap into new customer segments

Innovate your mobile device insurance offer and differentiate from the competition

And develop new partnerships to generate new revenue streams

You’ll hear from Kon Maragelis, Senior Mobile Specialist at Blancco, how insurers can successfully tap into this immense market by differentiating their mobile device insurance offers and at the same time,  reduce risk. 

Blancco’s proven technology can strengthen and develop a variety of propositions for new partnerships. 

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Eleanore Well Insights strategist

Eleanore Well Insights strategist

I’m a results-oriented researcher, marketer, strategist, and expert moderator with proven successes in uncovering compelling insights that drive successful branding, communications, and new product development in B2C and B2B. A seasoned professional, my experience includes work on a range of niche, Fortune 500, and global brands, with an especially deep understanding of FMCG, healthcare, finance, automotive, health and beauty, the food industry, and public/social services.

My areas of expertise include [but are not limited to]:

  • All manner of qualitative research – F2F and digital/virtual/online
  • The dynamics of human behavior
  • Innovation/New product development
  • Concept development
  • Strategy workshops
  • Trends analysis

I know how to identify and articulate actionable insights, build and deliver strategic research recommendations, and connect the dots that will help solve client questions, while ensuring to keep the seemingly complex simple.

Prior to striking out on my own, I was a Senior Director at Kantar Insights in Australia and the US. Before that I was the head of Golden Door Consulting – a consumer research and branding company based in New York City—and I spent a number of years as a planner in consumer insights at a few renowned advertising agencies.

Kon Maragelis Senior Mobile Specialist, Blancco

Kon Maragelis Senior Mobile Specialist, Blancco

A senior services and logistics business executive with over 22 years’ experience in leading corporate Reverse Logistics and Operations across local and international telecommunication markets. Specialising in channel and vendor management, solution design and product performance, I am known for setting new industry and customer advocacy benchmarks by conceptualising, winning and influencing stakeholders to build and enhance brand services for multi million-dollar companies.

As a respected and enthusiastic leader in the telecommunications logistics industry, I specialise in stakeholder and supplier management, team performance management and customer advocacy, driving the industry world’s best logistics operations and business services performance.

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