[On-Demand Webinar] Reducing Data Bloat, Security Risk & Violation Vulnerability

Webinar Overview

Global organizations are being penalized heavily for improper data management. Join us to learn how reducing redundant, old, or trivial (ROT) data—even remotely—can reduce regulatory non-compliance and fortify your data security.

Properly managed and protected, data can accelerate customer service and encourage business growth. But storing and processing vast amounts of data also brings risk: not just the risk of a data breach, but also the risk of falling short when it comes to complying with various data protection laws. In this panel webinar, data protection and risk advisory experts from Deloitte, Yes Bank, and Blancco discuss how accumulating and storing redundant, old, or trivial data unnecessarily makes you more vulnerable to both penalties and unauthorized data access. Thankfully, getting rid of this data not only reduces your attack surface, but your data violation vulnerability as well.

Join us for this EliteCISOs session as our expert panellists address:

  • The critical role of data erasure in multiple data protection mandates
  • How policy-based automation can help you target data effectively to maintain ongoing compliance and reduce data bloat
  • How to erase no-longer-needed data permanently and completely—with audit-worthy proof of erasure—even if data is store in the cloud or miles or countries away

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Anurag Nalawade, Blancco, Country Manager, India

Manish Sehgal, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP, Partner | Risk Advisory

Gaurav Gupta, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP, Associate Director, Cyber Security / Risk Advisory

Anuprita Daga, Yes Bank, President, CISO

Fal Ghancha (Moderator), Co-founder of EliteCISOs and CISO for DSP Mutual Fund

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