Does your organization have the right tools and data retention policies to effectively manage and remove active files in your live IT environments? According to our new research, these are two common problems organizations face today that leave confidential, oftentimes sensitive data exposed to potential loss or theft.

Key findings from our study include:

  • It’s easy to confuse deleting and erasing files. Over half (51 percent) of the respondents believe files are permanently gone when they empty the Recycle Bin on their desktop computers/laptops. Another 51 percent believe performing a quick format and/or full reformat of a computer’s entire drive is sufficient.
  • Storage and handling of IT equipment are more important than you think. 33 percent of IT professionals store non-functional desktop/laptop computers, external drives and servers in easily accessible, unsecured locations.
  • Data retention policies need better oversight and enforcement.30 percent of organizations don’t have written data retention or removal policies in place.


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